Meaning and Energy

The meaning of these crystals links to the region where they are found, which is the Libyan Desert. It is recognized as a transformational crystal that offers powerful ambrosial energies to its user that directly resonate with the wearer's third eye, solar plexus, and sacral chakra. Moreover, the yellow-gold rays of the crystal allow the user to get safe through healing and spiritual sides.

The History Behind the Formation of The Libyan Desert Glass

It is believed that the Libyan Desert Glass formed nearly 26 million years ago. But there is no such evidence to prove its exact timing of formation, so it has been a debatable issue for centuries. Some scientists even believe that the natural glass was created due to a meteorite activity in the deserts of western Egypt and eastern Libya, but nobody knows what exactly happened.

The crystal formed when a Meteorite hit the Earth, melted and vaporized the landscape, and got the shape of Tektite.

Geographical Properties of The Libyan Desert Glass

Libyan Desert Glass is recognized as a mineraloid instead of a mineral that formed so quickly in the air after the meteorite impact that it did not have time to organize itself into a mineral. The crystal rates between 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs Scale of hardness and comes in yellow color. It is an Opaque, transparent crystal in appearance that embeds yellow rays on its surface.

Ambrosial Metaphysical Properties of Libyan Desert Glass

The crystal's high vibration attributes warm your soul and light up your life in a soothing way. Here are some other metaphysical properties of the Libyan Desert Glass that you can grab by wearing the crystal.

   • It stimulates the heart chakra that balances our emotions and feelings and allows us to show our talent and express feelings without hesitation.

   • It Promotes a better understanding of self, encouragement, and acceptance of our inner potential.

  • When used in meditation activities, it helps the user to grab deeper peace and a calming environment.

  • It will bring good fortune and the best opportunities to its users and reduce the chances of failure in life.

 • The Yellow golden rays of the crystal help the user to grab serenity and the mind's creativity that provide a clear vision of life.

How one Can Use Libyan Desert Glass

Although there are many ways to use the crystal, wearing it in jewelry form will be beneficial for you to hold the Libyan Desert Glass jewelry like rings, pendants, earrings, and many more things. Wearing the crystal in a ring allows its user to stay motivated and confidential throughout the day. However, you can use the crystal in other forms rather than wearing the jewelry in the following ways.

   • You can hold polished or raw Libyan Desert Glass in your pocket or in your hand while meditating or channeling.

   • Placing a tumbled Libyan Desert Glass at the Third Eye Chakra will help you to awaken your intuition and inner capabilities.

  •  You can place the crystal in your office or workplace to stay energetic or enthusiastic during working hours.

  • Use the crystal to activate the Solar Plexus Chakra to balance emotions and feelings.

Process of Cleansing and Charging of Libyan Desert Glass

It becomes necessary to clear your gemstone jewelry when you wear it regularly. By cleaning or charging, the crystal is able to regain its actual powers. So here are some points you can keep in mind while cleaning the crystal.

    • You can put your crystal underwater or air for some time so that it can absorb its natural attributes from environmental elements.

    • If it looks dusty or blurry, you can wash its surface with warm water or milk; wipe it with a soft cotton cloth.

    • Put your crystal under the moonlight during the full Moon, and this process will energies your crystal with positive vibes and elements

Buying Source of The Libyan Desert Glass

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